Wednesday, 26 October 2011

4 Is The New 3

More than once I've heard a family of 4 children is the new family of 3 children.  I am happy to support the trend.  

Other moms have varying reactions when talking about my having 4 children.  The most common response (to my face anyway) is they waited too late when they started having children and ran out of time.  They say how lucky I am to be so young. 

A mother of four has said how hard it is having four and seemed genuinely miserable.  Thanks for the reality check - I guess. 

I understand when mothers of 1 or 2 find it unthinkable to have so many children - especially when they are well beyond the baby stage and/or have a full time nanny and/or work full time.  

But what baffles me is when the mother of three says how brave I am and how they could not image 4 children.  My thought is really?  One more is what will throw you into complete chaos and insanity?  These are the comments which leave me scratching my head. 

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