Saturday, 27 October 2012

Quite Sensible Indeed

Inquiring minds want to know:  what is the story behind the name Quite Sensible Indeed?  This month four years ago Brent and I went to London for his interview and school visits.  We were becoming desperate.  There are hundreds of schools in London - how in the world to choose?  So we had two criteria - Catholic and  both girls must go to the same school.  But something was not right about the schools I visited.  

Then Brent called one more school and yes they have places for both girls.  I walked up Fitzjohns Avenue among the fall color and breeze.  The school was enchanting.  A Victorian mansion converted to a convent converted to a girls school.  

St. Mary's School Hampstead
The beautiful chapel.  Rows of hats neatly lining the hallways.  The accents.  Nursery children were coming on to the playground up a small flight of starts.  The nursery nurse was calling them up one by one.  The nurse said:  Fletcher well done walking so sensibly up the stairs!  The Headmistress agreed by saying:  Yes, Fletcher you are quite sensible indeed walking up the stairs!  The blog name was born.  

The girls thought I made up the phrase.  I assured them to just wait and they would hear it as well.  Sure the first assembly the phrase was said - twice!    

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Snapshots {5}

Oops! Snapshots {4} and {5} are out of order...I will have to live with it.

He does sleep occasionally...

They ate ALL the watermelon...

Sissys' room is the best place in the house...


Baseball outing...I made my dad proud...knothole seats and we brought all our food from home - including foil wrapped organic hot dogs and peanuts in the shell...

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Different: Words

We all know the UK and US speak the same but different language.  We still have a handful of words and phrases we say in the British way - knickers, nice - as in try this cheese it is quite nice, and buggy.

As we reintegrate we have noticed little differences.  Here is an example per speaking child:

Mary Kate:  A test question:  Is Mt Rushmore a natural or man made object?  She said natural because it is a mountain.

Caroline:  A getting to know you question: What is your favorite holiday?  She said a seaside holiday.

George:  he fell at the zoo and an employee offered him a band-aid.  He really started crying saying he needed a plaster not a band-aid. 

These are quickly fading.  Brent and I feel a little sad but it was bound to happen.   

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Friday, 12 October 2012

Snapshots {4}

All car washes need one of these for little boys...

First day of 5th and 3rd grades...

Wacky Hair Baby...

After school snack...thumbs up...

Meeting Daddy for lunch...

First and only calm moment at preschool...


Seriously wacky hair Baby...

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Good Thing #8

A couple of weeks ago I needed a meal idea in a hurry - as in sitting-in-the-parking-lot-of-the-grocery-store-finishing-my-list-hurry.  I went to Food Network (wonder if there is an app?) and under quick fall week night meals I found Skillet Rosemary Chicken.  It is finger licking good!  The dish is easy enough for week nights, as promised, but also fancy enough for dinner guests.  I used legs and bone-in thighs because I find the meat juicier and more flavorful plus less expensive.  This week I threw in a few carrots since I had them on hand.  The dish is also a good one because it is easy to pop on a lid and hold it in a warm oven until dinner.  Bon appetit!  

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Friday, 5 October 2012

Good Thing #7

From the drafts pile - written nearly a year ago:

I am in baby gear mode:

This is the best pump and worth the money.  It is chargeable so it is portable without the bag or backpack of other models.  I was cheap when George was born and purchased a single pump.  I struggled with the pumping and feeding routine he needed on a single pump.  (He was tongue tied and unable to latch so for several weeks I pumped and gave him the milk in bottles.)  I anticipated needing to at least top up Celia so I decided to get the better pump.  Some will say to make sure breastfeeding will work out before investing in a good pump.  But I disagree.  A high grade pump can help with many issues and get through the critical first 6 weeks.

I am in the final weeks of nursing Celia.  She has not taken a bottle in many months but I still recommend having this pump on hand for the first weeks and beyond.  

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Different: 70F/21C

70 Fahrenheit and 21 Celsius are the same temperature.  But your location calls for dramatically different clothing.  If you live in Houston and go to the playground on a day when the temperature is 70, you might find it very cold and dress in a hoodie and jeans.  If you live in London on a 21 degree day, you may wear as few clothes as possible and allow your child to play in the paddling pool (splash pad).  Different, definitely different.    

(As a hot-natured person, I lean to the London way regardless of location).  

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