Monday, 21 June 2010

11 Months

Georgie is 11 months!  He is changing everyday.  He has 3 1/2 teeth.  So far he has not bitten while nursing.  His favorite food is blueberries.  He eats three meals a day, nurses 4-5 times and has bottle of breastmilk.  He was looking thin, so we are trying to fattening him up.  

He points, waves bye-bye, gives kisses, lifts his hands for up and shakes his head no-no.  When presented with something he is not supposed to touch, he looks at it, shakes his head and points at it.  But then the temptation is too strong and he proceeds to touch it.  He has very sensitive feelings and when spoken to sternly he cries.  He had his first hissy fit - jumping and screaming in his crib. He loves to take off his diaper. 

He has just noticed the stairs.  He pulls up on everything and will hold on with just one hand.  His favorite books are Snuggle Puppy and Hop on Pop.  His favorite song is Snuggle Puppy.  He "reads" books.  He sings. 

He is addicted to the pacifer.  His favorite blanket is a red and white check blanket with pandas on it and satin binding - which he rubs on his nose while going to sleep.  It was mine when I was a baby.  My plan was to take a hard line and not allow him to watch TV until he is two.  I've changed my mind and can not get him to watch TV at all.  

Just two weeks until his birthday!
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Friday, 18 June 2010

First Communion

Mary Kate made her First Communion last weekend.  She was quite serious and prayerful in her preparation.  It was a lovely day.  Aunt Lindsey was with us.  Mary Kate kept her dress on ALL day. 

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When You Think...

to yourself...he sure is playing nicely.  You know something is going on.  Emptying the pantry occurs at least twice a day.  Managing to get a container of puffs open and cram as many as possible in his mouth happened for the first time...

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Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Open wide...

He makes this face while heavy breathing in and out his nose.  He will do it randomly and on is hilarious...

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Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Last AUGUST we joined Brent on a work trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon. We drove with him but returned early on the train. It was a TERRIBLE trip.  Thankfully it was ages ago and I'll refrain from rehashing the details.  I came across the pictures on my small camera. Little Baby Georgie...

Two cute girls next to the River Avon.  A lovely french couple was smitten with them.  They talked the girls and took their picture.  

The hotel was not air conditioned and our room was next to the outdoor smoking area. The girls in their funny little bed...

I think it could be a nice place to visit.  Maybe we will try again.

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Friday, 4 June 2010

Two Scenarios

When I check on Georgie before going to bed at night one of two different scenarios unfolds...

Scenario #1:  I place my hand on his back or chest and hold my breath waiting to feel him take a breath.  I say a prayer, thanking God he is still breathing.  I pause to admire him.  I calmly walk out of his room with a smile. 

Scenario #2:  I take one step into his room and I hear him stir.  Or worse yet he sits up and makes eye contact.  As I flee from the room as if my life is in grave danger, again I say a prayer or rather more of a chant - please do not wake up, please do not wake up.  Thankfully, 99% of the time he either stays or go back to sleep.  

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