Saturday, 27 February 2010

It Is A Pity

Some of the best blog material can not be published. I am not creative enough to rename people and places to make any similarities strictly coincidental.*

*This does not apply of any of you reading this post on or around the original published date. Rather it concerns those who might find it later.

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Friday, 26 February 2010

Christmas Song - III

Christmas morning was just as one would hope it to be with children. The girls were very excited and patiently waited to come downstairs. They took turns opening their gifts and loved it all!

Caroline & Kit in their matching nightgowns.
I have to sneak it away to wash it.

Swatch Watch.

Three children playing in the aftermath.

Later we packed for Malta....
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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Daybook - three weeks strong

Outside my window... take a wild guess???

I am thinking...
I should not have stayed up so late catching up on Desperate Housewives episodes.

I am thankful for... this normal day.

From the children’s rooms…neat and tidy.

From the kitchen... spaghetti and meatballs.

I am wearing...fancy clothes! George and I went to the girl’s chapel service this morning. I am even wearing a cardi and a scarf.

I am creating... still nothing.

I am going... into the City tonight to a Junior League meeting, so I will wear fancy clothes all day.

I am reading...My Life In France by Julia Child.

I am hoping... to actually start reading the above mentioned book.

I am hearing...the dryer.

Around the house... 6 year old girl + tap shoes + claw foot bathtub = goodbye rent deposit.

One of my favorite things... coffee.

A few plans for the rest of the week...George’s baby group, two more services at school and if we actually have left over bananas – making banana bread.

A picture thought... the sun, the sun, it is burning my eyes…

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7 Months

7 Months

1 Month

Georgie weighs 16 lbs 11 oz and is 26.5 inches long. Surprisingly he is in the 25th percentile for both weight and height. He seems huge to us! He is toothless. I hope he follows his sisters and waits until his first birthday.

George had a very difficult couple of weeks with screaming bloody murder most of his waking hours and rarely napping. But he appears to have turned a corner! Thank goodness. He did not seem ill but I took him for a check-up just in case. He was given a clean bill of health. Naturally, George turned on the charm and was a happy, bouncing, gerber baby. When the doctor asked about his night sleep habits and I told him he is great at night, he practically showed me the door and did not give me a bit of sympathy. The most challenging part is he is his most challenging in the evenings when the girls are home. We are all working together on the Little Buddy management and this too will pass.

George has taken to solid food. He did not care for avocado on the first attempt. So we moved on to green beans, apples, pears and brown rice. We tried avocado again and he gobbled it up. He usually eats a fruit for lunch and rice with veg or fruit for dinner. Next on the menu: butternut squash and zucchini or courgette. He nurses 5-6 times a day.

George has demanded to be in arms (my aching neck proves it) and has not had much play time on the floor, so little change in physical development. We want him to progress but staying put is nice too. He likes to read books. He LOVES his jumper to get his energy out. He started giving kisses. He refuses to let the girls hold him. But he loves them and when they walk into the room stares at them until they acknowledge him. He can sit up for short periods of time and play with a basket of toys. Time is starting to fly by and he is closer to 12 months than newborn!

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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Daybook (2 days old)

Outside my window... more rain and more gray…February is a rough month. But the waiting black cab makes me smile.

I am thinking...about a dear sorority sister who lost her husband last week. They were a lovely couple married around 30 years. A reminder how life changes in an unexpected flash.

I am thankful for...Brent bringing George upstairs in the mornings.

From the children’s rooms…disaster!

From the kitchen...pancakes. Today in England is Pancake Day. The traditional day to indulge before Lent begins tomorrow.

I am wearing...A sweatshirt that is at least 10 years old and yoga pants that are from my first stay at home mom days 7 years ago.

I am creating...nothing at this time.

I am pull the trigger on Easter clothing today. This will be the last year for all matching – Mary Kate is sizing out and it starts to look silly at some point. I am glad she still wants to match.

I am reading...My Life In France by Julia Child.

I am cook George’s green beans and not burn them for the 4TH time in a row!

I am hearing...girls fighting while eating lunch.

Around the house...the girls are home this week on half term break.

One of my favorite things...delicious baby skin!

A few plans for the rest of the week...Ponyo movie at the cinema, planning Brent’s birthday, laundry, laundry and more laundry – I (heart) uniforms.

A picture thought...

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Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Jody: Girls, Grammy would like to know which foods you would like when we visit.

Mary Kate: I want tops!

Jody: What are tops?

Mary Kate: (with sarcasm) You do not know what a top is?

Jody: No - you have to tell me more.

Mary Kate: Remember when we went on the canoe trip with Grampy and the Aunts and Uncles?

Jody: Yes.

Mary Kate: and we slept in tents and the dog came up and it was scary?

Jody: Yes.

Mary Kate: we ate them then.

Jody: I still do not know what you are saying. Do you want pop, like soda?

Mary Kate: It has jam in the middle and white on the outside.

Jody: Oh...pop tarts?

Mary Kate: Yes pop tarts!

Mary Kate: I also want the cereal that looks like a rainbow and has a parrot.

Brent: You mean Fruit Loops?

Mary Kate: Yes Fruit Loops!

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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Christmas Song - II

Twas the night before Christmas...

And we all went to church. 
We arrived just in time to sit in the last open pew.
The girls were chosen to bring the gifts to the altar. 
Then we returned home for family photo time...
the girls like the tea with jam pose...
We ate our favorite things for dinner,
then finally cracked the gigantic Christmas cracker...

King George wore his crown...

Then three children snuggled in to read Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Dear Santa,
We've been very good...most of the time!
Please enjoy the milk, cookies and Coke.  
Love - Mary Kate & Caroline

The stockings were hung with a new one this year...the Cross of St George for the littlest one...

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I came across this and decided to use it too...

Outside my window...the sun is shining off and on.   

I am thinking...I need to finish organizing the study. 

I am thankful for...the calm before the busy season storm.

From the children’s rooms...Bubbles and Natalie are cute goldfish. 

From the kitchen...a pot of pinto beans (also the subject of my first food gene post).

I am pre-pregnancy cords!

I am creating...laminated card sets for school.

I am do nothing except organize the study and blog.

I am reading... Blindness by Jose Saramago, book club is next Monday so I need to focus. 

I am hoping...George will nap today. 

I am next door. 

Around the house... the study really needs to be finished. 

One of my favorite things...people carrying their newspaper on Saturday and Sunday mornings to read in cafes. 

A few plans for the rest of the week... to finish organizing the study, hang vinyl birdcages on the girl’s wall and make valentine’s sweets. 

A picture thought...I wish they still did this...

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Friday, 5 February 2010

Christmas Song - I

Our first Christmas in London was very good.  The girls had a long break from school.  We slept late, had play dates, went to Handel's Messiah, a very colorful version of the Nutcracker and a very cute Charlie and Lola play, enjoyed lots of snow, sipped wassil, decorated the tree, which was brought straight from the forest, and made Christmas themed perler bead crafts.  There was no stress!

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Pretty Boy

My Pretty Boy looking pretty...

Georgie loves tags and his paci. 
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Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Even at this age Georgie seems to have lots of energy...

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Christmas with the Aliens

What?  The theme of Caroline's nativity play was Christmas with the Aliens.  Aliens came from outer space to discover the human race.  They also discovered Baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem.  It was absolutely adorable.  Angel Caroline knew all the songs and all the lines.  In the group picture she is standing next to Mary singing with all her heart...
We found this particularly funny because in the film Love Actually there is a wacky nativity play that includes sea animals.  We now know the storyline is surprisingly realistic!
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Monday, 1 February 2010



Georgie loves his toys and likes to have at least one at all times.  He has lots on his mind but can not quite get words to form.  So he is babbling, grunting and laughing.  He wakes up talking instead of crying!  

He is eating bananas and sweet potatoes.  The first try was not so good.  So the second attempt we skipped the spoon and I put little chunks in his mouth with my finger.  I can not reload fast enough for him.   This week avocados are on his menu.  

George is just beginning to move and sit-up.  He is sleeping at night like a champ!  He goes 10-12 hours.  Naps are another story.  The stroller is still his number one enemy.  He screams every time he is in it.  He sweetly rests his head on our shoulder and  then unsweetly pinches the back of our neck.  He is our sweet boy!

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Caroline's Birthday

Caroline had a super sweet sixth birthday!  She had a party at home with the girls from her class.  For her family birthday day we went to dinner at Giraffe and she requested a big oatmeal raisin cookie.  Even two months later she still feels five. 
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