Sunday, 19 April 2009

Half Slumber Party

We had possibly the first half slumber party in London. Mary Kate was sure to coordinate all colors to her pajamas. The girls arrived in their pajamas with their stuffed animals. We made lip gloss, watched High School Musical, ate pizza and made sundaes. We wrapped it up with dancing games as we waiting for the girls to be collected.

Make your own sundae...

I had a candle like this when I was little too...

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Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Easter was not different for us in London. We did our customary activities - went to church, took pictures, hunted eggs and ate a big lunch. We also went to the park to an Easter Fair or carnival as we know it. An uncustomary activity was arriving at church only 5 minutes early and sitting on the second row. In Dallas that kind of tardiness would mean standing in the back.

It is difficult to tell in the picture but they have magic hens here who lay colored eggs, so we did not have to dye them. Okay they are not really magic but they do lay pastel blue and green eggs.

We served fried chicken for lunch for the first time since moving to London. Like many things, for reasons we can not recall, we did not bring a skillet. We have one now. Easter or not we usually have chicken every Sunday.

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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Mary Kate's Birthday

Mary Kate had a great birthday! She requested coffee cake for breakfast, we played games and looked at her scrapbooks, went to McDonald's for lunch, she and Brent went to a Spurs game, we ate sushi for dinner and wrapped it up with carrot cake and presents.

Thank you to everybody for the cards, gifts and phone calls! You all made her day special. She was so excited to be 7. Now according to her we need to work out the details for her party this weekend.
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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Mary Kate is 7 today!

Our oldest daughter is 7 today. She has counted down the days. Last night she could not wait to go to bed so she could wake up 7.

7 things I love about Mary Kate:

1. I love you love books and reading.
2. I love you are determined.
3. I love you must match from head to toe.
4. I love you are a natural athlete.
5. I love you want me when you are not well.
6. I love you are a foodie too.
7. Most of all I love you because you are you!

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