Sunday, 16 October 2011

Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach was wonderful!  We highly recommend it.  I do not know if the Redneck Riviera can be beat - beautiful water, sugar white sand, friendly people and excellent air conditioning. The house was well appointed and the perfect size for our party.  Since school had started in the US, we had the beach and village mostly to ourselves.  We went to the beach and pool everyday, ate lots of snow cones  and candy and watched endless episodes of Chopped on the Food Network.  I was terrible at taking pictures but here are a few:

We landed at the Ft Walton Beach airport and went directly to The Crab Trap for dinner:

Sleepy heads still on Phoenix time...

Watching Peppa Pig on YouTube:

And the best part...the beach...

Even with loads of suncreen George turned into a gingerbread boy.

The after beach shower...

Yes...lots of paci abuse on the trip.  During one of the flights I said to Brent I was glad we did not take it away from him yet.  Wonder if I will still be saying it when he is 7!

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David, Julie, Dakota, Emma, Wyatt, and Abbie said...

Cute picture of all of you at dinner. Love the beach photos. Kids playing in the sand is always so cute. George looks adorable in his little white hat. My kids love playing in the beach shower too. I will have to add Rosemary beach to our list of places we would like to visit one day. :) Looks gorgeous. :)