Monday, 29 June 2009

It's the End of the World...

as we know it...and I feel fine.

But first I have to catch up on the blog, organize the closets, freeze casseroles, tie up loose ends for work, fit in a hair appointment, hot glue trim on anything sitting still, do the mending I have ignored for months, mentally prepare myself to give birth, be nice to Brent...all the while remaining calm and enjoying the easy days of having "only" two children.

I'd like to put up strawberry jam and catch up on photo books but THAT would be too much.

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Cornwall Part I

During the May half term break we explored England and spent a week in Newquay (pronounced New-key) on the southwest coast. We had a nice week of doing nothing. We played a week long Uno tournament - Brent walked away the big winner. The weather was a mix of sun and rain but always strong winds.

The cottage gave us access to an indoor pool which was a daily hit with the girls. I asked Caroline to show us what she has learned in swim lessons. She said nothing and she did not know how to swim. She proceeded to swim across the pool. Funny girl.

View from the patio.


Picking flowers over looking the ocean.

Fistral Beach.

View from the Headland.

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Sunday, 21 June 2009

World of Blue

After seven years in a delightful world of pink and girly, we are entering the world of blue and boyish. Who would have thought?!?

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Friday, 12 June 2009

Equal But Different

Mary Kate's Side.

Caroline's Side.
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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Two Girls

Caroline scootering with London in the background.

Two girls.

Mary Kate likes to come up with new poses.

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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Baby Bootie

Baby boys are very frugal. Frankly the clothes are not as cute as girls clothes and there are fewer choices - less colors and patterns and no dresses, skirts, tights, bloomers or bows. Despite the obstacles I managed to find a few things for my boy.

His coming home gown:
We found his cowboy blanket in Bath from Vintage Kit:

ABC bedding from the UK Pottery Barn - The White Company:

He will be born with a silver teether in his mouth:

Thanks Jennifer for my first Tiffany's box! It was magical!

I adore slogan tees. Here is a glimpse of his stash:

Finally a little Cake for myself:

Don't let this fool you. We still need a car seat, pushchair (stroller) and a variety of other small items. Everything needs to be washed and a some things given Oxyclean treatment. We need to put the crib together. I need to pack the hospital bag. Worst case scenario we can carry him and walk the two miles home. The most basic of supplies are good to go: nappies (diapers), vests (onesies) and blankets (same name) and his milk is ready made. The other gear is just extra right?

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Friday, 5 June 2009

Sparkle World

How did this happen? My baby lounging on her bed reading Sparkle World magazine. On the 15th of each month we must go to the newsagent to pick up the latest issue. This is a big day in our house.

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The Cotswolds

Brent and I took a weekend mini-break to the Cotswolds for our babymoon. The countryside was like a picture book. The area is similar to the Wine Country in California and Tuscany in Italy but without vineyards. We enjoyed getting out of the city in a car. The region is best explored by foot but walking was not an option for me and my magnitude. We stayed in Painswick, which come to find out is claimed to be the best village in the region. It was a town of great charm. As compared to the towns the travel guide said had no or little charm.

After a downpour:

We came across a rainbow:

and could see the pot of gold at the end.

Bath was a lovely small European city. Parking was a breeze, which always helps to get a day started on a positive note. Surprisingly we threw the dart and ate very good pizza for lunch. We strolled along the Avon River. Here is the Pulteney Bridge:

The Roman Baths museum was very interesting. Brent especially enjoyed the history.

I like this picture because it has a bit of everything...

Finally, just the three of us...

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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

We are waiting for you.....

Caroline please come home! Duckie, Gracie and Elephantie are waiting for you...

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