Sunday, 20 February 2011

Friday, 18 February 2011

George at 19 months

A long overdue Georgie update...

The Littlest Munckin is a toddler!  His difficult baby behavior has made toddler behavior easy.  I was concerned about his lack of words as he only said three - hot, duck and up.  Then like magic he turned 19 months and is now adding a word a day.  He is working on b words - boo, ball, book, block, banana, blue, bread.  He knows several animal sounds.  He clearly communicates yes and no - and not just no for everything. 

The amazing part is how many things he understands.  I talk to him all day - I feel I am talking to myself most of the time. But now when I say to put his chin up to zip his jacket, he puts his chin up.  Today as I folded laundry and sorted out the socks from the pile. 

George is a very tidy boy.  He likes to sweep, pick up his toys, unload the silverware from the dishwasher and load the washing machine.  He has a high awareness of how we do things.  Unprompted he will bring the girls snack bags upstairs in the morning or remind us to bring a coat or pair of shoes downstairs from our rooms.  

His hair is slowly growing and is curly.  He has 12 teeth with the 4 eye teeth breaking through.  He is in 18-24 month clothes.  He has yet to wear jeans but he may soon.  Admittedly a couple of  backup outfits he is outgrowing look too babyish.  

He walked on the sidewalk for the first time today.  He has started climbing.  I would not call him a climber but he has mastered the skill.  The safety zone of the kitchen table is no longer safe from his reach .  He sleeps 12 hours at night and takes a solid 2 hour nap everyday.  

He is a great eater.  He has a refined palate and refuses to eat plain food.  He still avoids dairy and chocolate.  After his daddy's insistence he occasionally drinks juice. 

George loves Elmo.  He loves books - especially lift-the-flap books.  He loves to dance.  He loves his sisters.  He loves balls.  He loves to play toys. 

Our house is very drafty.  Function trumps style on really cold days...

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Tuesday, 15 February 2011


When I see a box of tissues or a roll of toilet paper I no longer worry about how I will get the tissues out of the box or the paper off the roll...

The aggravating sister is a bonus special effect. 
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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Final Christmas Final

The last Christmas post...I swear the decorations were put away a month ago!

George in fancy dress...

Dear Santa - again this year we were good...most of the time!

(Note the emergen-c for Santa's health.)  

Twas the Night before Christmas....the littlest one could not make it to story time...

Thank you for the teddy bear...

2010 ornaments from Crate & Barrel...appropriate for London...

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