Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Last and Next

In the last month:
  • We visited 4 states and took 8 flights.
  • I devoured The Help and loved the film.  
  • I came close to eating my weight in Tex-Mex - which is a LOT of chips and queso.
  • I realize I am better suited for London temperatures.  I detest being hot constantly. 
  • George is a water bug and has no fear of water. 
  • Prices in the US have increased.  A dollar or two per item but it adds up. 
  • Jet lag going east is much harder than going west. 
  • Our first and last meal in the US was Chick-fil-a. 
  • Rosemary Beach was wonderful...

In the next month we will:
  • Move house.
  • I will sew about 50 name tapes into new uniforms.
  • The girls will start a new school.
  • Brent and I are going to a Dolly Parton concert - woo hoo!
  • We will have two weeks of company - another woo hoo!
  • Mary Kate has a 4 night school trip - trying not to think about this.
  • Our littlest girl will be here in just a few weeks.   
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