Monday, 24 October 2011

Countdown to Baby X

At my last (and last) appointment, Baby X is doing well and scheduled to make her debut in less than two weeks.  The doctor said this has been a remarkably healthy and easy pregnancy - especially considering my age (thanks) and the number of children.  The first half was not easy but the second half has not been too bad.  He comments every visit about Caroline's birth weight - 9lbs 2 ozs.  He is always very concerned about this happening again.  But this baby should weight right about 7 lbs.  

The easiest way to travel to the hospital is via the train.  This strikes me as odd to walk to the train station with my suitcase to go to the hospital to have a baby - at least I will not be in labor.  If I do go into labor,  we will drive and deal with parking when we arrive.  We will bring her home in the car though.  Things I never considered until living in London.
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David, Julie, Dakota, Emma, Wyatt, and Abbie said...

I have a great mental picture of you on the train with your bag and it makes me smile. Hope the final weeks go smoothly and I'm happy you've been blessed with a great 2nd half to the pregnancy! Can't wait to see those first photos of my beautiful newest niece! :)

Baby X keep being nice to your mommy! Don't make her be in labor to long. Hugs and kisses and lots of love from Aunt Julie. :)

scmom (Barbara) said...

Prayers for a healthy delivery!