Thursday, 2 January 2014

5 about Christmas

We are having very good Christmas. We celebrate until the Epiphany so we have a just a few more days of merriment.


The little darlings decorated gingerbread houses - these activities are not always fun - but this was really fun! Christmas miracles are real...


Christmas party lighting is quite flattering...


I had a strange candid camera incident. The internet was being repaired and our nativity is near the modem. I noticed the repair guy was really looking at the nativity. I thought he was admiring the beautiful Italian craftsmanship. He asked who the people were in the scene and why the manger was empty. For a moment I thought he was joking. But no he was serious. {side note...the manger is still empty....we can't find the Baby Jesus ANYWHERE in the house}.


We have not visited Santa in 4 years...I know, I know. George did great and went straight to Santa's lap and told him what he wanted. George really likes to point out how he is smiling but Celia is not smiling.  Good boy Georgie! The Junior League of Houston does a fantastic Lunch with Santa.


On the other hand, we have been very consistent with attending the Nutcracker ballet. This year was Mary Kate's 9th and Caroline's 6th annual Nutcracker visit. We have attended large and small scale performances in various cities and Mary Kate performed in a production one year. I've enjoyed every one but this year might be my favorite by The Allegro Ballet. We drove way out to the Houston suburb of Katy. The costumes and props were very well done. The part I liked the most the entire event was very child focused - so many darling little ballerinas. And I really liked the ticket price.  

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014