Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hotel Hospital

The girls and I were chatting about the baby coming and the days following her birth.  How long it might take to have the baby, - will she be here by lunch or will it be dinner?  Visiting the hospital and their plans for the weekend.  They asked if you can die while having a baby - it can happen but rarely in modern hospitals.  They find the idea of the spectacle of milk coming in particularly funny.  

They are most impressed with two days of breakfast in bed while in the hospital.  Their conclusion was it sounds as if I am going to a hotel for the weekend.  Not exactly my darlings, not exactly! 

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David, Julie, Dakota, Emma, Wyatt, and Abbie said...

Very funny girls!! My kids find the fact I make milk very funny and fascinating too. Thanks for sharing this post. I laughed out loud. :)
I did try to imagine my 4th birth was kind of like a mini-vacay well it was pretty quiet, the food was actually very good, and snuggling a newborn is so relaxing but all the pain plus everything else takes that vacation feeling right away!! ;)