Friday, 7 October 2011

George at 27 Months

George at 27 months is so 2!  He can be sweet and adorable one minute, then losing his mind the next.  Never a dull moment.

Taking the Kikis to school with his bag and a sock...

George's big news is he moved to a big boy bed!  Not only moved but transitioned with little trouble.  The first night and nap took coaxing but from then on he climbed in, pulled up his duvet and said night night.  We moved him, not for the baby, but because we were concerned he would fall climbing out of the crib.   Surprisingly he had not tried to climb out yet.  When he wakes he does not come out of his room until we come to him or call him to come out.  When daily tasks like changing a diaper or sitting in his highchair are ordeals, we had very low expectations about the switch.  It went better than we ever imagined. 

George went through a huge growth spurt. He is busting out of all his clothes and is firmly a 3T. He has preferences as to what he wears, particularly pajamas.  First he picks the Elmos, then George Pig, then dinosaurs, and last "ne-nahs" or fire trucks.   

He is obsessed with the Curious George movie.  In reference to the movie he put three words together for the first time: "No monkey off" when the movie was over.  He is making progress with talking and says new words every day.  With all the time in the car taking his sisters to school he is singing to Laurie Berkner and know so many of the words to the songs.  He knows most of the letter sounds.  Those Leap Frog Letter Factory videos work. 

His awareness of procedures continues to impresses me.  He hands me a towel when I step out of the shower without asking.  When helping with the laundry, he names which clothes belong to who.  He puts the groceries away or takes them to the counter below the upper cabinet where they belong.  He knows after nap we go in the car to pick up the Kikis (the girls pural are Kikis, Mary Kate is either Maki and Mimi and Caroline is Kiki).  He also has a good memory.  If I use a bribe:  candy, playing on the playground when waiting for the girls, reading books - he does not forget! 

He mentions his cousin "Mont" everyday and "talks" to him on the phone.  He says daddy is at work. He  fills his pockets.  He is very encouraging and says "Yeah" for even the smallest victory.  He still has a hearty appetite and has a refined palate.  He discovered band-aids (plasters)...

George is a brilliant and gorgeous boy! 

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scmom (Barbara) said...

George is darling and so BOY! I love that age -- even those tantrums are so manageable in the realm of life. Compared to teens, twos are darlings! Enjoy every little minute!

Cristina said...

George is so flipping cute!! I would love to see him and Price together. We also had to transition the crib because Price did climb out last week. Sounds like George is more well-behaved in this area!

Aunt Kim said...

Mont misses his cousin! He goes over and points to his photo whenever George's name comes up.