Saturday, 15 October 2011

Grocery Delivery Man

Grocery delivery man:  (spoken in an Eastern European accent) You order much toilet paper.

Me:  We use a lot of it. 

Grocery delivery man:  How many people live here?

Me:  Soon there will be four children.

Grocery delivery man: Oh and you are American?

Me:  Yes, I am.

Grocery delivery man: You are small to be American and have so many children.

Me:  Thank you (I think).

Grocery delivery man: I have one son same age as your boy.  My wife has let herself go.  Says impossible after having children.  What is your secret?

Me:  Good genetics and I try not too eat too much. 

Grocery delivery man: That must be it.  I tell my wife not to eat too much.

I say good luck with all that and do not tell her where I live!  

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