Thursday, 7 January 2010

What Would You Say

A couple of months back this was my Facebook status:

Dear Concerned World Citizen: the blanket over the infant carrier is to protect my baby from YOUR germs. He can breath just fine. Under no circumstances are you to remove the blanket and touch my baby. Now he is sick and can not breath. Thanks for NOTHING!

The blanket over the carrier or stroller has received even more comments than "you finally have your boy". You would think there is a plastic bag over his head. Also I have received more "advice" with George than I ever thought possible. The advice tends to be very passive aggressive - these gems usually concern him being cold or getting the slightest bit wet from rain. My favorite is when he is screaming and they say oh he is hungry. How the heck would you know lady? Or when they stop and stare when he is screaming. What other than a screaming baby do they think they might see?

Again I say...thanks...for NOTHING!

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Cristina said...

I feel you sister - we had a waitress basically paw Price all over his face before we knew what was happening! ugh!! Another gem I've gotten with all 3 of mine - Are you sure he/she doesn't need to drink some water? Are you sure all he/she needs is breastmilk?

Judith and Lance said...

Oh my goodness. When we visited Singapore everyone there would stop and stare at Bella anytime she made a peep. I made a blog post about it too. It drive me absolutely nuts!!!!! Sorry you have to experience any of that. It was so disconcerting to me!