Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Say Goodbye

I did not write a letter this Christmas. I did not feel inspired and I have written all year on the blog. When you are in the midst of living life many times you can not see beyond yourself. But as the New Year rolled around I heard so many comments of good riddance. I thought I was the only one.

With joy comes trials:

Living in Europe – joy. Adapting to a new culture – trials.

George’s healthy and safe birth – joy. Fear and anxiety George would not arrive safely and healthy – trials.

Internet access from home – joy. Internet installation – trials.

Finally selling the Florida house – joy. The process and consequences of selling the Florida house – trials.

Now for the year in review:

January – welcome 2009 on our first night in London.

February – Understand how one might loose mind during the endless dark, wet and gloomy London winter days.

The girls visit Paris for the first time via the Eurostar.

Find out we are having a boy.

March – Culture shock hits hard. I read the books. I was prepared and thought it would be mind over matter. I mind and it matters.

Miss Henry dreadfully.

April – A terrible busy season does not end and extends to May.

Our first visitors arrive! We are so happy to see them. They bring seasoned salt and mac & cheese.

May – My sister visits. She brings more mac & cheese.

Babymoon in the Cotswolds.

Spend a week on the Cornwall coast.

June – My dad and brother visit.

July – George is born.

Brent’s dad and step mother visit.

Brent is out of town 7 of the first 10 weeks of George’s life. We all survive. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever done.

August – George wakes up and does not go back to sleep.

Two families we know visit the US for the summer and do not return to London. Wonder if we might be next.

September – School is back in session. Mary Kate is in year 3 and Caroline year one.

Another sister and her family visit. She brings a suitcase of mac & cheese.

October – We visit Dubai.

We return to the US for the first time! It is glorious and hectic.

November – Brent and I are Godparents for the first time to Oliver Thomas! He comes all the way to London to be baptized.

December – We celebrate our first Christmas in London.

We visit Malta.

We are ready to take the New Year by storm!

At the end of it all I feel content and grateful. Our home is warm, generally happy and has plenty of food. Brent and I both have jobs and we happen to like them. We have family and friends we love and love us in return. Most of all, as the season of Christmas reminds us: we have peace and hope which only comes through Christ.

May 2010 be healthy and happy for all of us!

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