Friday, 15 January 2010

George's Baptism

George was baptised at St. Thomas Aquinas in Dallas. Deacon Ken was graciously accommodating of us. As you might guess, George cried pretty much the entire service. We are thankful to share the day with his Godparents April & Steve and their children Eva and Max, my parents, siblings Andrew and Katie, my Grandma and George's sisters. Since my Grandma said she would not leave the state of Arkansas, I am especially happy she came down. We celebrated with a Tex-Mex feast at La Hacienda!

The Godparents

Deacon Ken with George, Jody & Brent

Grammy and Grampy with George
(George's gown was made by Grammy and was worn my Mary Kate & Caroline too)

Uncle Andrew and Aunt Katie with George and Jody

Our FIRST Family of Five Photo

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Minnesota Girl said...

Your family couldn't be more adorable. Plus, how the heck do you look so great after having 3 kids?