Friday, 15 January 2010

Globetrotting II

We repacked our bags, spent the night at home and met Brent at the airport for part two of our travels. More miracles occurred on this flight too...

I find it interesting to point out George was 3 months old before he set foot on the soil of his country of citizenship. Admittedly I was a bit teary when we touched down. At times I feel displaced and wonder where I belong. I consider myself a world citizen. But I am an American, which is another post altogether! If you know Mary Kate you can see how tired we were...

I felt as if I had never left. The big cars were normal. The big roads were normal. The sense of space was normal. Driving for the first time in 10 months was normal. Northpark was normal. It was little things that struck me as strange. Walking up big stairs. The big glasses of soda full of ice. The big bowls of chips and salsa. Being rushed away from tables in restaurants.

The next 10 days were a blur of activity. We split the time between Dallas, Oklahoma City and Malvern – I was really teary when we entered the state of my birth. We had drinks, dinners, Chick-fil-a, George’s baptism, shopping, Brent went into the office, Tex-Mex, dentist appointments, playdates.

In Dallas, we stayed with our sweet friends, the Merrifields. It was as if we were coming over like any other time. They were so flexible with our hectic schedule. We still did not get to do or see all we wanted to do or see. I am sad to now notice I only took a few pictures.

By the time we made it to Arkansas we were exhausted and retreated to my Grandma’s house. The trip made me realize coming back once a year is not enough. So we are coming back in April and July this year. It was so good to come home!

The girls claimed to love all the trip! One highlight was shopping at the American Girl store.

Caroline's early 6th birthday present: Kit

Our American Girls with their American Girl dolls.

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