Sunday, 15 September 2013

5 on friday ~ take 6


We went to a local OU watch party.  Here is how I spent the first quarter of the game...


I still wash Baby's clothes separately in Dreft. I may or may not stop when this container is used.


A failed attempt at a family picture. We tried to gather around George...


FAQ: does Brent help around the house?

No, he does not. Nor does he babysit. To call it helping or babysitting gives the wrong impression and implies he is less responsible than I am for these tasks.  Yes, I am the stay at home parent so the house and children are my primary responsibility. But when he is home it becomes his primary responsibility as well. If there is a task to be done either one of us does it. We do have a general division of labor. I cook and do laundry. He does dishes and takes out the trash. Neither of us sits down until the chores are complete. He never leaves his socks on the floor - ever.

When Mary Kate was a newborn I was hesitant to leave her with him. He quickly set me straight by informing me he loves her as much I do. Since he put it that way I said "see ya"!  I find it a shame all husbands and fathers are not this way. It is ridiculous the number of men who can not or will not put their children to bed. Also ridiculous are the comments: Oh your husband is okay putting all four kids to bed? What did you do to get him to watch all four kids for the weekend? He has traveled for 14 days and never fretted over how I was managing at home. He is able to carry on for a few hours or days without me.

I wish I had great words of wisdom on how to train a husband. He just knows how to act right. He says it is not that difficult.  


Mary Kate's first dance...

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scmom (Barbara) said...

Mary Kate is such a cutie. I can't believe they have dances so young. Yikes! I'm sure she was a perfect little lady!

PS I love Dreft. I used it until the kids were at least two. I think I'll buy a bottle just so when I have a baby quilt to wash I can enjoy it!