Sunday, 1 September 2013

5 on friday/sunday ~ take 4

1. College football is back!  And the icing on the cake: all four children looking at the camera, smiling and being relatively cooperative... 

2. The Littles had their checkups last week.  Both are growing and in good health. Praise be!  Both are in the 90th for height, but Baby is only 20th for weight. She is her father's daughter. She is a little piggy but a busy girl - her secret to keeping a trim figure.  The appointment ended with high drama - immunizations.  We all needed CFA for lunch to recover. 

3. We FINALLY painted the girls room...

Revel pictures to follow...

4. FAQ of the do you keep your children's hair looking so nice? 

I am happy to share my top tips:

I use a brush and water.  I am surprised by the number of children who go to school without brushing their hair.  I have two with curly hair and two with straight. Curly hair needs a bit of water to arrange the curls.  Straight hair needs a bit of water to smooth cowlicks and help under turn the ends after sleeping on the locks. 

I insist they keep it out of their face.  I want to see their lovely faces not stringy hair.  Also they like to be in the kitchen so they have to pull their hair back and wash their hands to help. We use hairspray and clips to help.  

Finally, I am not afraid to cut their hair.  Rarely does a child walk around with long, beautiful hair - this especially goes for toddlers.  It might look like "curls" but it is really a mullet. I prefer to keep toddler girl hair in a bob. A cute cut is noticed, a mullet is noticed as well but for all the wrong reasons. Also the texture and thickness of their hair determines if it should be shorter or longer.  Caroline's hair does best shorter and Mary Kate's longer. Their hair is really easy to style and never tangles. 
5. The 2013-14 school year is off to a much better start than the 2012-13 school year. Last year the morning routine fell into place quickly but the afternoons were a struggle the.entire.year. We picked up were we left off and did not miss a beat. There is still running around with activities but the Littles are better in the car and the witching hour(s) are letting up since they are older. 

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