Saturday, 27 October 2012

Quite Sensible Indeed

Inquiring minds want to know:  what is the story behind the name Quite Sensible Indeed?  This month four years ago Brent and I went to London for his interview and school visits.  We were becoming desperate.  There are hundreds of schools in London - how in the world to choose?  So we had two criteria - Catholic and  both girls must go to the same school.  But something was not right about the schools I visited.  

Then Brent called one more school and yes they have places for both girls.  I walked up Fitzjohns Avenue among the fall color and breeze.  The school was enchanting.  A Victorian mansion converted to a convent converted to a girls school.  

St. Mary's School Hampstead
The beautiful chapel.  Rows of hats neatly lining the hallways.  The accents.  Nursery children were coming on to the playground up a small flight of starts.  The nursery nurse was calling them up one by one.  The nurse said:  Fletcher well done walking so sensibly up the stairs!  The Headmistress agreed by saying:  Yes, Fletcher you are quite sensible indeed walking up the stairs!  The blog name was born.  

The girls thought I made up the phrase.  I assured them to just wait and they would hear it as well.  Sure the first assembly the phrase was said - twice!    

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Judith and Lance said...

I've always wondered how the name came about. So glad you are blogging again, I have missed your posts.

Looks as if you are all adjusting well to Houston, so pleased for you as transition can be tough especially on a family with 4 kiddos!

PS Still waiting on that text from you!

A Belle Abroad said...

I've just spent this morning perusing your blog and wow! at the coincidences! We both had baby boys in London in 2009! You guys are from Texas - The Boy's home state - and are back but in Houston. The Boy lived there for a few years before moving to Mongolia. Just... wow!

You have a lovely family and I'm very happy to meet you!

Quiana said...

What a great source for you blog name!