Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Different: Words

We all know the UK and US speak the same but different language.  We still have a handful of words and phrases we say in the British way - knickers, nice - as in try this cheese it is quite nice, and buggy.

As we reintegrate we have noticed little differences.  Here is an example per speaking child:

Mary Kate:  A test question:  Is Mt Rushmore a natural or man made object?  She said natural because it is a mountain.

Caroline:  A getting to know you question: What is your favorite holiday?  She said a seaside holiday.

George:  he fell at the zoo and an employee offered him a band-aid.  He really started crying saying he needed a plaster not a band-aid. 

These are quickly fading.  Brent and I feel a little sad but it was bound to happen.   

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