Friday, 5 October 2012

Good Thing #7

From the drafts pile - written nearly a year ago:

I am in baby gear mode:

This is the best pump and worth the money.  It is chargeable so it is portable without the bag or backpack of other models.  I was cheap when George was born and purchased a single pump.  I struggled with the pumping and feeding routine he needed on a single pump.  (He was tongue tied and unable to latch so for several weeks I pumped and gave him the milk in bottles.)  I anticipated needing to at least top up Celia so I decided to get the better pump.  Some will say to make sure breastfeeding will work out before investing in a good pump.  But I disagree.  A high grade pump can help with many issues and get through the critical first 6 weeks.

I am in the final weeks of nursing Celia.  She has not taken a bottle in many months but I still recommend having this pump on hand for the first weeks and beyond.  

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