Thursday, 10 November 2011

Day 5 Report

Yesterday a midwife came by the house to check on Celia.  At first she was concerned about her weight loss in the hospital.  But  after finding she weighs 7 lbs and 3 ozs - gaining nearly three ounces and well on her way back to her birth weight - the midwife was satisfied.  

Celia had perfect timing :  she waited until after her weight check but while the midwife was here to have her first blow out.  Good girl for impressing the midwife with color, force and volume.  

She is slightly jaundiced.  But day 5 is peak day so the midwife was not the least bit concerned.  Yeah!  We did it!  I have extra milk so we will continue topping up for the next week just to make sure she is on an upward trend. 

Celia's pet name is Kitty.  She cries like a kitten, makes purring noises like a kitten and even before she was born she gently stretched like a kitten.  

She will sleep endlessly if being held.  Last night we took turns holding her while watching TV.  Big mistake - her awake time was from 12-2 am.  She was happy but awake.  Thankfully Brent is home so Kitty and I can stay up all night and sleep all day - for now. 

Celia is my first baby to nurse well from the start.  She immediately opened wide and latched perfectly.  I almost skipped trying in the delivery room because the others did not take to it.  But to be fair, I offered it to her and she knew exactly how to do it.  Nursing has never came easily to me in the early days.  Caroline and George had big challenges we overcame.  Celia has nursed roughly 50 times and every time I can not believe she is doing it with ease. 

The girl refuses to burb.  

What do the other children think about her?  George is not bothered one way or the other.  He kisses her and shares his onk (blanket scraps) with her.  He likes to heist her paci.  Brent is home so he has loads of undivided attention.  He is 2 so no noticeable increase in the number of hissy fits.  The girls like to hold her as much as possible.  We all stare at her in amazement. 

I am feeling well.  I have been well looked after.  Brent is home for two weeks.  So I have been able to rest and focus on Miss Celia and her feedings.  In the evenings, I cover homework and he handles dinner.  A wonderful friend came to the house when I was in the hospital and cooked a week of meals.  This is the best gift ever. The late night last night has been tough today though.  When I finally went downstairs at noon today, Brent gave me a funny look.  I looked as if I had been to war - still in my pajamas, hair a mess, shirt covered in milk.  A coffee and shower made it all better.  

We are savoring our babymoon...

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David, Julie, Dakota, Emma, Wyatt, and Abbie said...

What a wonderful update!!! I am so glad that Celia is a champ at nursing and that jaundice is not going to be a problem for her. Glad the kids are adjusting well to Kitty (such a cute sweet nickname). She is just precious! Glad you have the meals (I agree they are such a blessing post delivery) and glad Brent is home for 2 weeks so that you can enjoy every second of your precious newborn. :) Give her snuggles and hugs from me! :) I am jealous that you get an at home visit from a midwife (wish they had that here for when Abbie was born).

Judith and Lance said...

I love this post, those sweet baby times are priceless and so short lived. Enjoy every moment, as I'm sure are doing!