Monday, 19 January 2009

Weekly Report

Brent started work on Monday. Things are swinging into high gear quickly. He scheduled a trip to Brussels for this week. He was told working 35 hours per week was plenty. Not much of a chance that will happen. Work does not start until 9 or 9:30. His phone was quickly delivered

I had my first doctor appointment with Mr. Leitch. Very odd calling the doctor Mister. He is very nice and I think we will work well together. He claims to be on call 24 hours a day. I called his cell phone after hours and he answered! Shocking! I will have an ultrasound or scan at every appointment. The baby was moving all around. The tech tried for several minutes to take measurements because the baby would not stay still. It was a great relief to see an active baby with a strong heartbeat is really in there.

The girls are doing well in school. At home it can be touch and go at times. This is all a big adjustment with more to come. Fighting and general disagreeableness is constant. At least they are well behaved at school.

Mary Kate went to her first London birthday party. It was not very different from US parties. However, the disco theme was a new one for us. The entertainer Ali Baba had a mixing board and disco ball. He did a few magic tricks and held dance contests. The girls had a grand time dancing! They were all sweet and well mannered.

Things are set to move in to the terraced house this weekend. We are looking forward to being a 10 minute walk to school compared to the 45 minute subway/walk now. Eating dinners in will be a welcome return to normal. As will the girls sleeping in separate beds.

All in all the weather has been better than expected. Once I needed an umbrella. Naturally I did not have one with me. We’ve had a couple of days of sun. Sunday it was sunny all day. We prepared for the colder weather with the proper gear – coats, gloves, etc. So it has not been that bad.

It is funny how just saying one word reveals I am American. Or maybe it is my teeth? At times I do not feel I am even speaking English. No major miscommunications this far.

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