Friday, 9 January 2009

First Day of School

LOVE the hats!

Scootering to school.

The girls are off to a great start at school. They were both very excited and were brave on the first day. Mary Kate says she likes it a little better than Texas. Caroline likes the no nap policy.

For any of you dreading leaving your little one on their first day of school, I highly recommend a stomach bug to take your mind off the sad day. Focusing on staying upright was very distracting and I only shed a few tears.


Lael said...

So unbelievably precious!! and you were right...just like stepping into Madeline!!

Brad said he was going to have our principal look at your website to see if we can change our school's dress code to match.

Beth said...

MK and Caroline look so pages out of an English Children's book! Glad they both had a great start to school.

David, Julie, Dakota, Emma, and Wyatt said...

The girls are just darling in there new school uniforms. I had to call David into the room as soon as I saw the new pictures. Dakota is going to love the fact that they ride there scooters to school everyday. Great advice on how to lessen my sadness when Dakota starts to school next fall but I think I'll just take the tears and sadness. LOL =) I'm glad the girls are making new friends and liking school. I also love there hats. =)

GIRL FROM THE LAND of 10KL said...

The girls look adorable! Scooting to school?!? Love it. Are you working while your over there or are you a stay at home mom?

Kara said...

Oh, they are sooo cute! Love the outfits! Glad to know that everyone has adjusted well.