Thursday, 29 January 2009

Weekly Report 3

I'm a week behind but catching up...

We have a car! I was very eager to learn drive at 16, at 35 I am scared to death to relearn. I even asked the delivery man to move it in front of the house. Brent drove it twice. The first time to the store. We decided it is really not worth driving for short trips. The second was to Dover. Once on the highway things were not that different. It is just arriving to the highway alive!

Brent went to Frankfurt. He did not see much of the city. And brought a cold back with him.

I am embracing delivery of all goods. After paying for bus or taxi fare they practically pay you to bring the items to your house. You name it they bring it. I could never leave the house.

We are eating at home again! I'm happy to be back in the kitchen. It is a luxury to eat home cooked meals. Basically the food here is not good. It needs salt and flavor, the combination of ingredients is strange (note the wacky chip series) and it is difficult to yell at the children in restaurants. On the positive side ingredients are fresher and more whole. I've tried a couple of recipes from the newspaper with good results. I'm on a leek kick.

We took our first road trip to Dover to see the white cliffs and countryside. Details in a following post.

As we settle in we are finding more things we did not ship and wish we would have sent. I recall the intent was to be convervative and live with less. We also did not have a clue at to the size of our housing. We decided to buy UK electric items rather than try to use converters since converters can cost more than the item. But it is difficult to live without a skillet or more than 4 bath towels. Lesson learned.

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