Thursday, 29 January 2009

Weekly Report 2

The school and work week was uneventful. Brent did not have to go out of town. Mary Kate started football (soccer) club. We were all very happy to ride the Tube to school for the last time on Friday!

The highlight of the week was moving into our housing. The move went without a hitch. Except as I anticipated…the internet was not installed as scheduled. I tried to beat them at their little game but internet providers are universally poor at customer service. I will spare you the details of my hissy fit but you can imagine. We went to the mobile phone store and they set us up with a mobile internet card. Not fast but at least we have access. I am limited on the number of pictures I can post until February 5th – the supposed date of internet installation. We finally had enough documentation for them to trust us with a mobile phone. At first I thought I may not be smart enough to master the phone but I’m slowly getting it. If you Google talk please let me know your account name. It is free texting!

The house is great. It greatly exceeds our expectations. We surprisingly have strong water pressure with plenty of hot water. The dishwasher is full size. The stairs help you to be more efficient to save trips. There are gates and bars on the lower floor windows and doors. I’m not sure if I feel safe or frightened. I gave the girls a lesson on how to open the gates in the event of a fire. Mary Kate said all the fire safety was freaking her out. There are dozens of keys for doors and windows. The girls promptly gathered them in one place. We discovered in the village on Saturday evenings one must have a reservation for dinner unless you want to eat at McDonald’s. The girls are excited to sleep in their beds. We are beginning to crack the code on the bus routes.

I am back in the kitchen! Sunday we had our first home cooked meal in weeks. My little Foodies were glad to help.

Sunday evening we had a wonderful village experience. We walked up the high street and down the lane to church. The church is tucked into a row of attached houses so you might not notice it is a church from the outside but inside is beautiful. It was interesting to see all the other parishioners walking home too. On the way home we stopped at the crepe stand for a snack. There was a line so we were hopeful. Buttery crepes with oozing melted Belgian chocolate and nuts. Super rich and worth the wait in the misting rain. The crepe stand is now on the must do list for all our guests.


Lael said...

Ooooh the crepes. If I didn't want to visit before, I do now. Nice descriptive writing. A+.

I'm so glad you are happy with the house. I think I speak for all your blog followers when I say I'm rooting for your better internet service so we can see more pictures!!

Judith and Lance said...

Happy to see an update, I check everyday. And, glad everything seems to be falling so smoothly into place.

How fun to stop @ a crepe stand, oh man, you make me want to be back on the streets of Paris eating one of those yummy delicacies!

Can't wait to see more pictures. Were there a lot of other children at your church that could possibly be friends to your little sweethearts?

Thanks for the comment on my blog, you need to start writing those catchy little phrases -- I love your "the days are long, but the years are short". Summed it up perfectly and reminded me to be thankful for the long days!