Friday, 13 January 2012

Day to Day

Lately, I feel most of my days are parenting fails - not disasters but not smooth either. I am constantly assessing the greatest need to determine what to do next. Diapers trump all. Then Celia eating usually comes next except when feeding the majority of the house is more beneficial for the greater good of the family. It is manageable but takes juggling and keeping expectations low.

Yesterday, I had good parenting day. I handled my refereeing duties with the girls calmly. Kept George engaged and out of trouble. Celia had tummy time 3 times - which is more than she has had total. She also had a bath - she's had about three of those in her life too.

Today was going okay. George and I are in the playroom. He wants me to leave to take care of his business so to speak. Good timing - I need to check on Celia who is napping. He has poked around in his diaper twice lately so I remind him to stay out of his diaper as I walk out. A few minutes later we go to change him. Things quickly fall apart - he did not stay out of his diaper. In short order I am relieved to have him showered and am on my way to the washing machine. But I begin to wonder...sure enough I find a trail of fingerprints on the wall up the stairs. Gross but not too bad. Now I do not have a good feeling. I look behind the playroom door to find poo smeared on the wall and curtain. I did take a picture to share the joy with Brent. I will spare you though.

Not a big deal in the overall scheme of life. But something I hope to not handle again!

How could I be bothered by the morning's events? My little buddy brought home "bubble flowers" for me from his walk...

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