Wednesday, 25 May 2011

George at 22 Months

George at 22 months is the funniest, sweetest, cutest, cleverest little thing ever.

In daddy's overalls:

Since he was born when he wakes I ask him how he is this morning/afternoon.  For the first time this morning he responded "good"!  He repeats many of his words - duck duck, yes yes, more more, paci paci.  He is putting different two words together.  His best words are "onk" for blanket and for paci he says it without the p and i.  He is very good at "shhh" when he should be quiet. 

The world of boyishness is open to him.   A couple of months ago he discovered trucks, buses, motorcycles and ne-nas (emergency vehicles).  Since we walk everywhere and live close to a hospital he gets to see several of these a day.  He can spot a ne-na a mile away.  The sirens are very loud and I cover his ears when they go by - he does it now too. 

George is very loving and affectionate.  He gives about 50 unsolicited hugs and kisses a day.  He loves Veggie Tales - too much.  He reads lots of books.  He does not get why daddy's phone does not work like mommy's with a touch screen.  He wants to jump and thinks he is jumping. 

Watching Veggie Tales....

He eats too well at times.  It is a little embarrassing around other people when he eats entire bowls of grapes and berries.  Or at his playgroup when he will not play but stays by the snacks until he has eaten all of them.  His favorite at the moment is large bowls of porridge (oatmeal). 

He new stunt is to climb on his little chair and slide over the back of the sofa.  I know I should make him stop.  But I find it so clever and funny I let him do it. 

His naps start between 12-1.  Occasionally I have to wake him for the school run.  How could I disturb him...

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Lael said...

Oh what a cutie! I can't believe how blond his hair looks. He also seems very tall in the overalls.