Saturday, 28 May 2011

Empire State of Mind

Before Christmas we tagged along with Brent on a work trip to New York City.  It was fabulous!  It is an amazing city and I would love to live never know what the future holds?!?  But with three children it does not seem likely. 

Our flight out was uneventful.  We arrived and were very tired but hit the streets and headed straight for Little Italy.  We went to a popular pizza place first and put our name on the list.  While waiting we walked around to keep from falling asleep.  We came across Rubirosa and decided to eat there instead.  It was amazing!  The thing that took us by surprise was the servers did not speak with an Eastern European accent and could understand everything we said.  It is all in what you become accustomed and we are now used to London. 

The next day it  Yes, I live in London but rarely does it rain all day and when it does I am not sightseeing.  In the morning, we went to early Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral.  The girls and I went to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular show.  It was excellent and I highly recommend it.  Brent and George stayed at the hotel...

I received a lesson from the cab driver on how to hail a cab.  In London there are rules about where the driver can stop.  Not so in New York.  You have to throw yourself in front of the cab to get it before somebody else.  Lesson learned.

Leslie (my college roommate) took the train in to spend the afternoon with us.  I know!  Amazing how we have not aged a day in 18 years...

We walked through Times Square and down to Chelsea.  The 1:1 adult to child ratio was nice.

Monday morning the weather turned bitter cold.  Brent went to work.  The rest of us went for brunch and shopping at American Girl.  I find American Girl to be overpriced but irresistible.  The girls save their birthday and pocket money for these shopping trips. 

Tuesday was more of the same very cold weather.  We did a little shopping but had to spend a good bit of time in the room because it was too cold to be outside for long.  We had an spectacular view...

We also spent a good bit of time in the bathroom waiting for George to go to sleep at night.  Eventually we would give up and go to bed too.  We did not try to adjust to the time change.  So Brent and I were up bright and early like it or not. 

On our last day we took the subway downtown to the Staten Island Ferry.  Tickets to the Statue of Liberty were sold out so this was the closest (and free) way to see it.  

During this trip George was officially banned from all restaurants worldwide.  Despite a few trials to lift the ban in the meantime, it stays firmly in place.  He ate a lot of street vendor hot dogs and the girls discovered Hawaiian Punch.  

I found the people to be surprisingly friendly and helpful.  In London, I rarely have a door held or help down stairs with the stroller.  Everywhere we went I was overwhelmed with help.  A plus to living here is I tackled the city and subway with three children on my own and did not think a thing of it.  We did not get to explore nearly as much as we wanted, namely Central Park, because it was take-your-breath-away cold.  My love affair with the city is going strong and I am looking for any chance to go back!  

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