Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Busy Season Recap

I survived busy season #15! I think it was the most successful on record.  Overall it was intense but manageable.  Straightforward returns are nice for a quick feeling of accomplishment.  But my favorite is a complex group with multiple spreadsheets.  Ahhh the rush!!!  And I am not joking.  

How do I do it all?  Well, I do not.  I heard an author say when she writes she only writes and everything else is ignored.  This is my strategy.  No blog posts.  Only one lunch - it was a birthday lunch.  No volunteer meetings.  No coffees.  No exercise - and it is surprising how hungry working in the accounting field makes a person.  Laundry is washed just-in-time.  More take away than usual.  Stacks of clutter - apparently I spend a good bit of time sorting and organizing in ordinary time. 

When April 18th finally rolled around (those extra days are torment) I felt a little nostalgic about years past 15 years.  I started in tax my first semester at OU.  I answered an ad at the student union from a law office.  At this point accounting students are trying to answer the question of going into audit or tax.  After a few weeks I knew what I wanted to do.  Next, I spent time (it is has similarities to jail) in public accounting then tax software development.  Software development busy season was ahead of filing season then we had the torture of product phone support. during filing season.  

My first year home with Mary Kate I had a few paying clients - just enough to cover expenses and pay for her birthday party.  Odd as it my sound I truly enjoy my profession.  I am very thankful I get to stay home and work...another post for another day...
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Judith and Lance said...

Hip Hip Hooray! A post from Jody! Glad you are all done w/ busy season and can relax for a while. Nice to hear the perspective of a working/stay at home mom, seems almost impossible to me -- I'm sure it helps that you enjoy it!