Monday, 29 March 2010

The Suite Life of Brent & Jody

We are huge Dave Matthews Band fans.  Earlier this month we attended our 8th concert.  DMB is known for their big summer concert tours - which are usually outdoors and very hot.  Lucky for us the band is not widely known in the UK so we jumped at the opportunity to sit in box seats.  It was dreamy!  There were no lines and plenty of toilet paper in the "clean" bathrooms.  No fools bumping into us and spilling drinks.  I was a little sad to see all the empty boxes - such a waste.  The concert was excellent.  And best of all...I did not sweat one drop!!!

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Judith and Lance said...

Hmmmm, am wondering if I might next hear about my jet-setting cousin Jody hobknobbing with Chris and Gwyneth :)?????