Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Several Daysbook

Outside my window... could it be Spring?

I am thinking…this daybook has been a work in progress for several weeks. 

I am thankful for... 10 years later I still really like Brent. 

From the children’s rooms…the oldest one was up, dressed and bed made when I came down to say rise and shine this morning!  What a sensible girl! 

From the kitchen... leftovers.    If the girls give me any trouble today they will have to eat the nasty 10 bean soup and I get the yummy chicken noodle soup.  (Update…they WANTED to eat the bean soup). 

I am wearing... a sweatshirt I’ve owned for 20 years! 

I am creating (ed)... see below…   

I am going.... on a walk today…if the sun holds. 

I am reading... The Master Tax Guide. 

I am hoping... the girls stay healthy and I do not receive a your-daughter-is-in-the-sick-bay call. 

I am hearing...birds chirping.  Nice now but not so much at 5 am. 

Around the house... we are Georgie-proofing. 

One of my favorite things... when Retained Earnings roll!     

A few plans for the rest of the week... applying the Master Tax Guide. 

A picture thought...

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Judith and Lance said...

Love the update again! And, your Spring sign is just adorably cute. If only I could be a bit more creative like that. Calling the decorator is creative, right? HAHA

Julie McGee said...

I love reading these too. I'm glad you do these sister! I love the spring sign... sooo cute!! :)