Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Outside my window...the second day of CLEAR BLUE SUNNY SKIES!!!

I am thinking…how it is amazing how babies instinctively know to get on all fours. 

I am thankful for... school lunch being a requirement.    

From the children’s rooms…all of Caroline’s school shirts are on her bed and I do not know why. 

From the kitchen... fajitas with homemade tortillas - tortillas are not homemade by choice but necessity. 

I am wearing... same as last week for the same reason…I went to the girl’s chapel service this morning.

I am creating... shadow boxes for George’s room.     

I am bed early.      
I am reading... The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery – book club read. 

I am hoping... Spring will arrive as gentle as a lamb and not the part of the saying about a lion. 

I am hearing...the girls in the shower.       

Around the house... I bit the bullet and ordered a mamma jamma food processor.  I know we will be very happy together.  I should have done it when we moved a year ago. 

One of my favorite things... a baby on my hip. 

A few plans for the rest of the week...celebrating 10 years of wedded bliss, our 8th Dave Matthews Band concert and getting the busy season party started! 

A lingering thought...
Your family is your family.  We do not choose them but rather God chose them for us.  If one believes God is indeed in control of our lives then why was he not in control when he chose our family?  As with many things in life the sooner we accept people or things for what they are the sooner we will find contentment.  We seem to find it acceptable to change our family to meet our expectations.  Whereas we would never try to change a friend in the way we see fit.  At the end of our lives, friends will have come and gone and a few of them may still be around but your family will be there to celebrate you.
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Kim said...

I echo all of your sentiments regarding family, my older sister! I am blessed to be part of this amazing family! Especially know them longer than anyone else in your life, they know you the best and still love you for who you are - goods and bads.

Lael said...

Happy anniversary!

Judith and Lance said...

Another great day book, love the updates! And the quote about family is SO true, makes me miss Jill and Mel more than ever. Thank God I have my mom!