Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Good Thing #9

A top takeaway from the UK is the electric kettle. EVERY kitchen there has one. A good friend from Florida used(s) one. I thought it looked handy but never thought to buy one. It appeared to be a necessity across the pond so I had John Lewis deliver one. It is very useful - boils water in a snap. I am a bit disappointed by the US version below - it takes longer for the water to boil. But I went on looks alone and did not research the options. I usually avoid small appliances because I find them a waste of space and limited in use. The best feature is auto shut - no chance of the water boiling away.  I suffer from if-you-give-a pig-a-pancake syndrome. I ruined a pot when we were in temporary housing when we returned last summer. Yeah for one less fire hazard in my day!  
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