Saturday, 4 May 2013

Blog Everyday in May

I am dusting off the blog!  You see, I am a writer at heart.  For a couple of years I've experienced writer's block or rather writer's distraction.  When a certain "sweetest little thing" came to being the words stopped.  Then we returned to Texas where life was just not as interesting to share.

I do not agree when people say I am to busy to ..... {fill in the blank}.  We all have the same 24 hours in a day.  I find it is all about how your choose to spend your time.  I will say having four children takes loads time.  It is not any one aspect of them but simply there are four little people who each have a different need at one moment in time...and the dog needs to go outside....and the timer on dinner is beeping...and the package man is at the door...and there are snapchats to send...and siblings to text and husbands do not like to come home to complete chaos.   

Blogging is a written record.  Heaven knows I cannot remember the point of this post.  How am I to remember what I did 3 years ago?  Quite Sensible Indeed is how I remember what I did three years ago.   I only print pictures for Christmas cards or the last minute scramble for a school project. With the blog they are saved in another spot than my phone.

I am jumping on the blog-everyday-in-May bandwagon...starting today...I'll even double up to catch up...

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