Friday, 15 June 2012

Repat Report

Thoughts on repatriation and other happenings:

George is potty trained!  He is nearly three so not remarkable but easy. 

As a reward for #2 potty training we went to the zoo yesterday.  Although it was HOT it was a nice outing.

Celia was so happy to be in Texas she moves from laying down to sitting up.  She is very close to crawling.  Well done Celia!  But on corporate housing carpet...ick.

Celia does not like bananas.

We missed our flight out of London and was delayed a day.  All our fault.  We thought we were on the 2:30 but was actually on the 10:30. 

The flight over was long but not too bad.

I am still a bit nervous driving.  The sense of space throws me and the cars coming from the right.  The roads are wide and the cars are large and drive too fast. 

I am also anxious about driving because technically I was not legal to drive in the UK.  I tense up when I see a police officer.  But have to remind myself I am perfectly legal to drive in the US! 

Mary Kate is shopping in both the girl's and junior department.

Caroline does interpretive dance all day.  :)

Packing the house was busy but not stressful. 

The UK landlord is being very picky and stressful.

She asked me to look in our things for the meat probe and some other piece to the oven.  First, who uses those things?!?  Next if we do have them, they are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on a boat.  Standby while I hunt for them... 

The washing machine and dishwasher are amazingly fast and efficient here!

The grocery store is very stimulating and overwhelming.  They are huge and offer too many choices yet not exactly what I am accustomed to buying. 

Strangers smiling and saying hi are unnerving.  Makes me suspicious of them. 

I am loving the can-do American attitude. 

We are still undetermined about school and a permanent residence. 

Being back is better than I expected.  It is mostly very familiar and easy - like a well worn sweater.  It is great when others understand me when I speak.  I've read the books and articles.  We are in the honeymoon phase so reverse culture shock is still looming. 

Houston - I think we are going to like it here!

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