Thursday, 28 June 2012

Different: Home Tour

I have a few posts to wrap up London. Here is the first:

A friend visited from the US and asked for a house tour to show him all the different things. Here are a few differences:

Electrical outlets have on/off switches:  (and a different plug)

There are very few bugs so the windows do not have screens:

Front doors do not have door knobs:  (very easy to be locked out)

There are no power outlets or light switches in the bathrooms:

Most refrigerators are dorm size.  We had two of these and a freezer mounted under the counters: 

These charming old-fashion skeleton keys are commonly used: 

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1 comment:

scmom (Barbara) said...

No door knobs! Wow. And I can't imagine why the British have not converted to larger fridges. Funny such basic things are so different. Makes me wonder where the US came up with them.