Saturday, 19 May 2012

Worse, Way Worse: Laundry

We have a Miele washer and dryer. Unknown to me until living here but are high-end German appliances. Take a look at the port hole opening...

The load size is tiny and the wash cycles are very long. The washing machine is running most days for several hours. We are a rather low laundry generating family.

Comparatively speaking it could be even more way worse if we had a washer/dryer combo. Those are terrible for clothes and worthless for actually drying clothes.

The other picture is the dryer water container. Neither of the dyers I have used here were vented. So the water in the clothes is extracted to the container and is manually emptied. My current dryer will continue and spill out if full. The prior dryer would stop running when full. Always a treat to discover a dryer of wet clothes because I tried to dry one more load or forgot to empty it. Mary Kate enjoys the emptying job. These dryers cause excessive wrinkles and more ironing.

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Cristina said...

Miele vacuums are supposed to be fantastic though!