Thursday, 17 May 2012


Streaming thoughts...

Celia, as the French say, found her nights or slept through the night early on. About a month ago when we were in Paris she lost them. She is back to sleeping through most nights but likes to keep things exciting. This is heavy on my mind because I am tired.

George is going to Texas in a week (all future events will occur in a week) in a biggie green plane. He is going to watch movies and drink juice on biggie plane. Daddy is in Texas all night (today is all night). George is going to potty train in Texas.

I am trying to catch up on blogging to mark the end of our time in London.

12 days until we leave!

On this side the move requires attention but is not overwhelming. Most electrics are sold. We are purging with the dreaded garage and guest room still to do.

On the US side we have temporary housing reserved. We know the general area we will live but the girls do not have confirmed school places. I do not like the uncertainty.

We still have boxes to tick but are finished sightseeing. It stopped being fun. Plus tourists are so annoying.

Loads of rain, little sun and chilly here. Even more complaining. I am savoring it because I hate being hot.

Speaking of hot, the summer is going to be a long one. A new city, reintegrating, four children and Brent will no doubt put in extra hours to get started, I am trying to think of it as an extended hols - ice lollies, swimming and summer hours.

George is looking goofy because all his clothes are too short. No need to buy long sleeves and trousers for the last few weeks.

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