Thursday, 5 April 2012

I Got No Shame

I'm proud of where I came from.  

About this time last year I was at a coffee morning with a group of school moms.  An Aussie mom was preparing to move to Connecticut and asked the American moms for recommendations for cars.  I suggested since she will be living in America she should pick a good American car...the Chevy Tahoe.  It has power, space for carpool and hauling and great towing capacity (not that I have ever towed anything).  A New York mom sneered down her nose at me and gave a belittling laugh.  I do not recall her exact words but in a nutshell she said nobody in the northeast drives those type of cars and they are for country bumpkins.  I've never thought of myself as a hick but what do I know!  I find it funny because the Aussie mom has since told me she thinks of me when she often notices Tahoes on the road.  So there New York mom! 

(Upon my return to America I will drive a mini-van rather than a SUV - trying to be practical with so many children). 
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Judith and Lance said...

Jody -- As you know I live in the New England area, however I always make it quite clear I'm a southerner and proud of it.

Also, there are tons of Tahoes and Yukons around here I see all the time. In CT and in NY! Granted there are more Range Rovers than I've ever seen in my lifetime there are also lots and lots of big 'ol, huge towing capacity SUVs!!