Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Better: School Days

The UK school calendar is more of a year round system.  The year runs over three terms called Autumn, Winter and Spring or Summer.  The school year begins in early September and ends early to mid July.  Between Autumn and Winter terms, school breaks up for about 4 weeks and is called "Christmas".  Then between Winter and Spring or Summer terms is another 4 week break called "Easter".  "Summer" break then lasts 7-9 weeks.  Each term has a week break in the middle called "half term".  This calender gives students (and parents) a chance to rest regularly rather than have the long three month summer vacation. It also gives more travel opportunities. 

School in the UK begins between 8:30 and 9 - at least the two schools the girls attended.  School ends at 3:30 - 4.  So the number of hours are the same as the US but with about an hour delay.  The extra hour suits us (or me especially).  

These are two things I am really going to miss about life in the UK!  

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