Sunday, 12 June 2011


After 28 months without a car, we finally have one!  It is everything I hoped it would be and more.  Being able to drive whenever I want is a luxury.  When I go back to having to drive everywhere, I know will long for the days of being able to walk or let somebody else drive.  
The first day I drove, Brent was not sure I was going to make it.  I have to admit I was a nervous wreck.  My palms were sweating and I felt panicky.  But a couple of more times out and it is normal now.  Occasionally when turning, I have to think about to which lane to go.  And roundabouts are a struggle.  More than once I have made a full circle. 

I am waiting for a ticket to come in the mail.  I made a right hand turn were only left is allowed.  I did not see a police officer (there are not many in patrol cars it appears) and there was not traffic.  I have since heard there is a camera to catch deviants like me.  It makes me wonder how many other surprises are coming in the post. 

I filled up for the first time last week.  I could not figure out how to open the gas cap door.  After several minutes, I  was just about to look in the book when I noticed the doors were locked.  So now I know the doors must be unlocked to put gas in the car.  Next, I had a slight heart attack as the numbers flipped to a whopping 99.97 gbp!  Sounds bad enough without converting to $.  This station did not offer pay at the pump.  When I went in to pay, the guy was laughing at me and asked if it was my first time to put fuel in the car.  I wondered how he would know this...he was watching to spectacle of trying to figure out how to open the door.  Thanks a lot!     

No doubt there will be more tales from driving on the left to come...

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Judith and Lance said...

HAHA -- this is too funny and brings back funny memories. We had a tiny little Rover when we lived in the UK and it was beyond nerve wracking when I first starting driving it around. Both sides of the road had cars parked the length of nearly street and I always felt like I would side swipe one. Oh, the roundabouts, I actually miss those. Once you are used to them they are much more efficient than lights and you'll hate it once you arrive back to the USA, although I believe they are putting some in around McKinney or Frisco.