Wednesday, 29 June 2011


My boy is nearly 2 and all that implies.  His friend lives next door to the girl's ballet studio.  So rather than spend 1.5 hours in a dirty, neglected waiting room or trying to kill time roaming the high street, we have a standing playdate with Charlie. 

Two weeks ago George hit Charlie.  I was mortified.  Poor little Charlie was crying and say no, no to George.  It was terrible. 

Last week, George began to scream bloody murder when we walked in the door.  I pulled in him kicking and screaming.  Then he wanted to leave the entire time. 

This week I did not bother to contact the other mother to confirm.  Common sense tells me to stay away.  What do you know, when we walked past their house, George headed up their steps.  He started crying when I said no not today.  I made an excuse we needed to hurry home to change his diaper because he is getting over a diaper rash (which is true).  Mary Kate said - that's pretty funny...a bully with a diaper rash!  She is so right - saying a person is a bully and has a diaper rash is not a typical combination.  

How could this little darling be a bully?...

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