Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Easter Details

I posted pictures without my commentary so at least the picies would be timely...

Easter in the UK is the period of time around Easter Day.  The girls are out of school for nearly 4 weeks for Easter.  Good Friday and Easter Monday are bank holidays.  Brent took an extra day off so he was home for 5 days.  The next day we left for the US and he for the Caribbean for work.

To decorate for Easter we have to be a creative.  Shops do sell decorations but the selection is limited:

The first photo is Easter crackers.  These are always fun - after the twist and POP we found white paper crowns, little papers with bad jokes and mechanical bunnies to race.  

The candles in egg cups did not turn out exactly as I'd envisioned - too rustic.  

The mint julep cup is holding a wrapped M&M candy nosegay I crafted by hand.  Just kidding - I picked up the finished product at a deli.  

Finally - the eggs were laid by Old Cotswold Legbar hens.  The blue eggs came to us as shown.  The green and golden eggs were dyed in a cold turmeric soak.    

Thank you to Pam for bringing the Easter outfits over to us.  And even bigger thank you for making sure George's arrived in time!  I've already used in entire stick of Crisco!

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Judith and Lance said...

You are so good to decorate for different holidays, I wish I was better at it. It always seems like such a chore to me. I'm lucky to get a Christmas tree up even, although I do love Christmas decorations. Lance HATES decorating for Christmas b/c his mom used to go beserk, like even wrapping every single picture on the walls with ribbon in all to make it look like a package. Oh well. I think you do great!