Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Jody: Girls, Grammy would like to know which foods you would like when we visit.

Mary Kate: I want tops!

Jody: What are tops?

Mary Kate: (with sarcasm) You do not know what a top is?

Jody: No - you have to tell me more.

Mary Kate: Remember when we went on the canoe trip with Grampy and the Aunts and Uncles?

Jody: Yes.

Mary Kate: and we slept in tents and the dog came up and it was scary?

Jody: Yes.

Mary Kate: we ate them then.

Jody: I still do not know what you are saying. Do you want pop, like soda?

Mary Kate: It has jam in the middle and white on the outside.

Jody: Oh...pop tarts?

Mary Kate: Yes pop tarts!

Mary Kate: I also want the cereal that looks like a rainbow and has a parrot.

Brent: You mean Fruit Loops?

Mary Kate: Yes Fruit Loops!

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Lael said...

It is a testament to your parenting that your girls do not know the exact names of such foods. Very cute!