Monday, 1 February 2010



Georgie loves his toys and likes to have at least one at all times.  He has lots on his mind but can not quite get words to form.  So he is babbling, grunting and laughing.  He wakes up talking instead of crying!  

He is eating bananas and sweet potatoes.  The first try was not so good.  So the second attempt we skipped the spoon and I put little chunks in his mouth with my finger.  I can not reload fast enough for him.   This week avocados are on his menu.  

George is just beginning to move and sit-up.  He is sleeping at night like a champ!  He goes 10-12 hours.  Naps are another story.  The stroller is still his number one enemy.  He screams every time he is in it.  He sweetly rests his head on our shoulder and  then unsweetly pinches the back of our neck.  He is our sweet boy!

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awink said...

George is so cute - he is growing like crazy. Max has the same jumperoo and he LOVES it. It is his favorite toy - he jumps even when he is not in it - if you aren't careful he will jump out of your arms.

Judith and Lance said...

YAY to Georgie for sleeping like such a good boy!! And, an EXTRA YAY for mommy for George sleeping so well. He is such a doll, Jody, he really is.