Friday, 5 June 2009

The Cotswolds

Brent and I took a weekend mini-break to the Cotswolds for our babymoon. The countryside was like a picture book. The area is similar to the Wine Country in California and Tuscany in Italy but without vineyards. We enjoyed getting out of the city in a car. The region is best explored by foot but walking was not an option for me and my magnitude. We stayed in Painswick, which come to find out is claimed to be the best village in the region. It was a town of great charm. As compared to the towns the travel guide said had no or little charm.

After a downpour:

We came across a rainbow:

and could see the pot of gold at the end.

Bath was a lovely small European city. Parking was a breeze, which always helps to get a day started on a positive note. Surprisingly we threw the dart and ate very good pizza for lunch. We strolled along the Avon River. Here is the Pulteney Bridge:

The Roman Baths museum was very interesting. Brent especially enjoyed the history.

I like this picture because it has a bit of everything...

Finally, just the three of us...

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Judith and Lance said...

How fun, I wanted a babymoon before Lyla but we couldn't manage, maybe before the next one. SIGH The pics are beautiful. Have you been to Pizza Express yet? SO yummy!! Who kept the girls?

Quite Sensible Indeed said...

My sister Lindsey was here and watched the girls. We did not take a trip before Caroline either. I don't think we even tried.

We have been to Pizza Express but I caught a stomach bug when we first arrived. So I have not been able to eat it again. I hope it is not ruined forever.

David, Julie, Dakota, Emma, and Wyatt said...

Jody so glad you and Brent were able to have a babymoon. The photos are just awesome! The scenery so pretty! =) David and I did manage 1 night away before Wyatt (so glad we did too). =)