Saturday, 6 June 2009

Baby Bootie

Baby boys are very frugal. Frankly the clothes are not as cute as girls clothes and there are fewer choices - less colors and patterns and no dresses, skirts, tights, bloomers or bows. Despite the obstacles I managed to find a few things for my boy.

His coming home gown:
We found his cowboy blanket in Bath from Vintage Kit:

ABC bedding from the UK Pottery Barn - The White Company:

He will be born with a silver teether in his mouth:

Thanks Jennifer for my first Tiffany's box! It was magical!

I adore slogan tees. Here is a glimpse of his stash:

Finally a little Cake for myself:

Don't let this fool you. We still need a car seat, pushchair (stroller) and a variety of other small items. Everything needs to be washed and a some things given Oxyclean treatment. We need to put the crib together. I need to pack the hospital bag. Worst case scenario we can carry him and walk the two miles home. The most basic of supplies are good to go: nappies (diapers), vests (onesies) and blankets (same name) and his milk is ready made. The other gear is just extra right?

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Lael said...

Cute stuff! I especially like the bedding. Boy stuff is cuter and more fun when you actually get to put it on your own little'll be surprised :)

Judith and Lance said...

Adorable choices!! Are you so glad to have a baby boy on the way this time? LOVE the diaper bag, PLEASE tell me it includes a shoulder strap...

David, Julie, Dakota, Emma, and Wyatt said...

Love all the baby stuff you've picked out Jody. I LOVE your diaper bag too!! So cute! =) He's going to look so cute in all his little clothes. I can't wait to see pictures of him in his coming home gown. =) I'll get to in just a few more weeks!!! Yayyy! =)